So Long and Thanks for All the Turkey

Heads up! New header! Does a personalized header make me a hardcore blogger? No clue, but a big shout-out to Alda, the awesome designer.

On black Friday I rode my computer like it was a cattle drive to save the farm, because holy crap BeyondtheRack, Amazon, and HauteLook have some awesome steals. When an opportunity to properly attire myself off other’s income presents itself, I grab it…uh, I become the kindest daughter who happily scours the internet for the best deals. If you want to look like a countess on a college student budget, check out some of my favorite online discount boutique shops! If you’d like to join any, please let me know and I’ll send you an invite…full disclosure, if you join through my referral and make a purchase, I get store credit ;-).

Mah new jacket!

Also, the past two weeks have been a bit of a mind-fuck for me. In a good way. One of those moments that makes the musical theatre fans among us think of that line from Sweeney Todd,

"But the work waits! I'm alive at last and I'm full of joy!!!"

Sans murder and Johnny Depp of course, though Depp is always invited to my house (though I don’t know what Paradis would think of that.)

But before we get to revelations of Mimi, let’s recap her Thanksgiving.

The festivities actually began last Tuesday evening. Because I got back into Houston. Let the thanking begin…

Thank you dad, for making feel so warmly welcomed home.

Of course for my first night in Houston, only Mexican food would do. Then it was off to the cinema.

Fajitas...Lord how I missed you

Thank you Harry Potter Part 7 Part I, for being ballsy enough to go to a dark place, stay there, and not pussy out with (too much) pointless cutesiness.

Teenagers running like someone put the fear of God in them: as life should be.

Wow, I’ve never enjoyed a Harry Potter movie as much as this one. Hell, this may get me shot, but I don’t think I’ve enjoyed Harry Potter as much as this one. I like the books, but I’ve never been a crazy fan, and the films range from supremely mediocre to “pretty good.”

Now if only they’ll not make the epilogue to Part II as gag-worthy as the book’s.

Thank you Averie, for your awesome Peanut Butter Banana Bread recipe.

I whipped up a batch of this before I left and took some home with me. Both my stepmother and dad LOVED it. My stepmother and I were giggling like crazy because my dad hates peanut butter with a passion (we didn’t tell him what was in it). Because my dad’s a Type 1 diabetic, I want to craft a lower glycemic version. Bring on the agave/coconut nectar/whey low.

Anyway, I spent most of Thanksgiving with my mom. Thank you mom, for appreciating tradition. Check out just a fraction of our spread!

Sweet potatoes...better without the brown sugar topping...but butter is yummy

Thank you Angela, for creating a totally awesome, distinctive dessert– your Pumpkin Pecan Brownie Pie!

My stepdad was making a regular pumpkin pie, so I wanted to make something different. This pumpkin brownie pie was divinesuper rich, thick, and fudgy on the bottom, and deliciously sweet and crunchy on the top. My stepdad did not believe me when I told him I did not need eggs or butter.

Angela was so right--this brownie pie tastes even more amazing with ice cream.

Thank you Mama Pea, for giving me a recipe to make with my sister that my whole family loved–your PB balls! And thank you Mama Pea, Diana, Maria, and Averie, for giving recipes to get my bake on before coming home, so I knew how to whip up some damn good baked treats!

Mama Pea's "Mean Brownies" are chocolate decadence...and did not survive my apartment's lobby staff

Diana's Chocolate Chip Dough Balls (plus my own pumpkin spice version) had my roommate rethinking her thoughts on American desserts...

And Maria's alternative peanut butter dough balls are awesome for when I want a teensy bit healthier treat...and they taste even better with some jelly!

Thank you equestrian, for making my sister more active and helping her lose some weight.

But the child still hates cameras

My sister looked so much better since I last saw her. It makes me really happy because I’ve been scared she could develop health problems. Neither of us have good genetics for cholesterol and blood pressure (though I seem to have escaped them), but being in good health can’t hurt. I know first hand how hard it is to be healthy in an unhealthy family. If her horses motivate her to move her tush, I bow to Poseidon, Boreas, Epona, and Hayagriva.

Whoops, wrong Epona...but who doesn't like a little Zelda love?

Thank you Dad, for still taking me out to a 4-star dinner even though we both knew we’d just be nibbling at the food, having both had huge (seperate) Thanksgiving lunches.

Praise be to braised lamb...even if I could only eat a bit of it.

And my dad cannot pose for pictures...

Thank you Stepmom, for giving me carte blanch access to your kitchen to whip up a random-ass dessert that we all could enjoy. And giving my my first recipe on this blog in a long-ass time (coming soon!).

Hint: These babies contain coconut, pistachios, and mascarpone

According to my dad, he had to fight her for the last of them. I guess if the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the same applies for girlies.

Thank you Tangled, for giving me a great afternoon out with my sister.

And that dude was hot!

If you don’t mind occasional goofy childishness, I recommend Tangled. This is the first time my jaw has dropped at the beauty of computer-animated art.

Thank you Texas Renaissance Festival, for giving me an awesome day out with my dad once again!

Bawdy tavern songs by Iris and Rose (Wild and Thorny)

Handsome guys on even handsomer horses...hitting each other with sticks. What more do you need?

And comedy shows way too bawdy for kids..who are there anyway.

I guess my dad still likes RenFest too.

Thank you random abscess on my jaw, for giving me yet more material for my epic future screenplay.

Yeah, I went into the doc’s on Monday, after my jaw got nasty again over the weekend. I wound up being shot full of Novocaine and having a point pair of dental scissors jammed into my mouth.

Thank you Yogurtland, for unraveling a slew of holiday froyo flavors just when I’ve been put on another round of antibiotics and need some beneficial bacteria.

Eggnog today– oh hells yes.

And finally…

Thank you December 15, for being so damn close. I can leave LA behind, recharge my desperately-low mojo, and enjoy Christmas with my family, who I have missed far too much.

Maybe if I thank my finals in advance they won’t be so hard? We shall see.

9 responses to “So Long and Thanks for All the Turkey

  1. This is an adorable post, and it looks like you had an amazing time + adventures over Thanksgiving! Good luck on finals, I’m also praying for a simple week next week. Are you going back to Texxasss again for winter break?

  2. I love the header – very cool :) I have to say that I’m in love with both the jacket and with Harry Potter – unfortunately it doesn’t get cool enough where I am to get a lot of wear but some day :) And I’ll be disappointed when the final Harry film comes out.

    After looking at all of that Thanksgiving food I’m wondering if my first smoothie should be a pecan pie one?? :) :D

  3. Mimi, I love all of your thank yous. I loved Harry Potter, too. But I do not really want to see Tangled. I always get disappointed by most of the animated movies. I did ADORE How to Train Your Dragon. So maybe this one will be okay? Will you in Houston for Christmas break? If you will be, we need to get together.

  4. LOVE the new header! Looks just like you!!! Adorable!!! All your food looks amazing! I am drooling over that pecan brownie pie!

  5. The new header def makes you hard core ;p haha that made me laugh!! That pecan brownie pie.. oh my .. it looks SO GOOOOOOOOOD :)

  6. You’re welcome! Glad the dough balls had your friends re-thinking American desserts. When I did an exchange with a French girl, she thought all the birthday cakes in the grocery store looked like plastic. And compared to the galettes they have, they do. lol. But some desserts are definitely better and more natural than others! :) Diana PS That Texas Renaissance Festival looks like fun!

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